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This Kickstarter project has finished, click here for new ways to support the project.


How to donate

Until June 1 we are running a Kickstarter Project in order to fund our project through community donations.  You can contribute to our project by visiting and making a pledge.


By becoming a supporter of our project, you will receive some fantastic rewards! These may include the following:

  • Thank you cards mailed from Ethiopia
  • Downloadable screen-saver of images from our trip
  • Shout outs and video blogs dedicated to you
  • Signed limited edition prints!
  • Special gifts from Ethiopia picked out just for you!

For more information about the level of donation required for each of the above rewards, please visit our Kickstarter page.

How the funds will be spent

With your donations, we will have the funds necessary to undertake our expedition. Costs include photographing/filming permits and enlisting the services of local guides, trackers and horses in order to overcome the challenges of the landscape and run a safe operation.

On our return, remaining funds will be used to produce lecture, gallery and print materials with the aim of raising awareness and support for the conservation of the Ethiopian Wolf.

We thank you in advance for any pledges you are able to make. Please also share this project with your friends and family.

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