Scientific Drawings

Have you ever wondered about scientific drawings in books you’ve run across? What kind of talent does it take? Is just being an artist enough?

As it turns out it takes more than just raw talent to make a good scientific drawing.

Artist Stacy Hsu contacted us early this year about using some of our photos of theĀ  Ethiopian wolf for her class in the Science Illustration program at the University of Washington in Seattle. I’m so glad that we said ‘YES’ because her work is beautiful. Stacy let us know that her final presentation to the class went very well – I didn’t have a single doubt.

You can see more images of the musculature and skeleton of the Ethiopian wolf as well as more of Stacy’s work on her website

If you think scientific illustration is for you then check out the certificate program at the University of Washington, Seattle.

*** All images in this post are used by permission of and and are copyright Stacy Hsu. They may not be reproduced without her express permission. Please contact Stacy Hsu with any licensing or usage questions via her website

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