We had a lovely surprise this afternoon when a huge delivery truck pulled up and the driver said, “I’ve got three pallets of books for you! Where would you like them?” Weather must have been good and the customs folks in a happy mood because our shipment arrived three weeks early!!

We’ll be accepting pre-order for the next week-ish (until June 19th) as I get the prints assembled and set up our shipping center so be certain to order now if you’d like to receive your free print!

Order Now!

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2 Responses to Surprise!!

  1. Marga Riddle says:

    So excited!!!!Got a notice that my book is on its way to me! While I’m in a rehab hospital for a bit, after my own latest brush with mortality), that means I can share and admire with lots of folks.

    Rebecca, hope you are doing well. You are such a class act!

    Marga Riddle
    (WCN Booth sitter for Ethiopian Wolves

    • Marga I’m so sorry to hear you are in the hospital!! Hope all is healing well and you are in good hands and that the book keeps your spirits high! It should give you some solid reading for your time there.

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