The Ethiopian Wolf story is coming to you – LIVE!

In the last blog post we talked about how it’s time to put all the images the project has captured to good use. That means taking the story of the wolves out there to the public, engaging people and asking for support in saving this amazing species. A handful of dedicated people have spent years doing all they can, but now it’s time to use the power of photography to spread the word, raise awareness and raise vital funds to put into the front line of conservation in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Wolf against horizon

This is an international mission and a transatlantic co-operation between Will and Rebecca so it’s only fitting that the Ethiopian Wolf Project is planning events in both the UK & US.

If you’re based in the UK, you can visit our stand at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust open days on the following dates:

  • 27th August 2012
  • 7th October 2012
Arctic wolves - UK Wolf Conservation Trust

Arctic wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust

The Trust is based in Beenham, near Reading and these are the only general admission days for the rest of 2012 so it’s a really special opportunity for everyone who loves wolves. You’ll be able to get up close to European wolves, Canadian timber wolves and Arctic wolves (as shown here, it’s an awesome place to practice your own photography) as well as take part in lots of other activities in a brilliant family day out.

We’ll be represented by Tom & Su who look after communications for our project in the UK so come and chat about Ethiopian wolves, photography, find out the latest info on the project and grab a poster or your own cuddly “Aby” wolf to take home!

For our fans in the US there is a really special opportunity to visit our first gallery show which is taking place in Los Angeles, CA between September 18 – November 4 2012 at the G2 Gallery.

Two special dates to mention. Firstly on Saturday, September 22 6:30 – 9:00 pm there is a reception event. Following that on Tuesday 16 October there is a lecture by Professor Claudio Sillero, the director or the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme and our very own Rebecca Jackrel will be there too.

These are just the first events planned, stay tuned there will be more and we really hope we can see as many as possible of you at one of them.

In the meantime don’t forget to stop by our new limited edition print store!

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