How to Change a Tire in the Remote Mountains of Ethiopia

1. Notice the tire looks a bit low.
2. Find jack and tools in the box labeled ‘Live Ammunition’.
3. Kneel down to look for likely spot to place jack.
4. Yelp and jump back up when you realize you are in a think carpet of thistles.
5. Grab shovel from back of truck and proceed to attack thistles.
6. Repeat step 3.
7. Place jack and lift truck.
8. Realize the spot you’ve chosen doesn’t lift the truck high enough, look for rocks to place under jack.
9. Repeat step 7.
10. Realize that you are lifting the truck but the suspension is dropping the tire lower than you can lift.
11. Repeat step 3.
12. Repeat step 7.
13. Remove nuts and tire.
14. Realize jack is now sunk halfway underground and car is almost lowered to it’s original position.
15. Dig hole under tire and replace as quickly as possible.
16. Dig jack out from under the truck.
17. Find large flat rock to put under jack.
18. Repeat step 7.
19. Repeat step 13.
20. Roll spare from the back of the truck and place it on the truck.
21. Replace nuts, tighten and lower truck.
22. Realize the spare tire is more flat than the original tire and that the jack has now pushed even the large stone halfway underground.
23. Swear a little bit.
24. Take a deep breath.
25. Repeat step 16.
26. Roll car to new location near the river on LOTS of rocks.
27. Repeat steps 7 and 13.
28. Place original tire on truck, tighten the bolts and lower the truck.
29. Replace tools in ‘Live Ammunition” container.
30. Drive back to camp and check tire again… doesn’t look too flat now does it?

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One Response to How to Change a Tire in the Remote Mountains of Ethiopia

  1. Very funny… you forget to mention how dirty you get laying in the dirt while working underneath the car
    … Funny but true too…

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