12 Things We’ve Learned in Ethiopia

1. The best path is not always directly in front of you.

2. Water from a spring will give you an immediate brain freeze when trying to wash your hair.

3. There is no privacy in Ethiopia. No matter how far you sneak off for a “quiet moment” there WILL be someone watching you.

4. COFFEE!! Amazing!!!! Need we say more?

5. The sign may SAY Internet access but that doesn’t mean the power, computers or dial up line will be working when you stop by or even that month entirely.

6. Fuel (petrol, gas) can be hard to find – a wise person stocks up when they find some!

7. Drivers/cars – finding them isn’t difficult, finding one that works properly, almost impossible.

8. There is a finite number of days you can convince yourself that you are eating different meals with different pasta shapes before you need to drive to town for some meat. Tibs is ambrosia after two weeks of tuna pasta.

9. Anyone you meet here isn’t a stranger for long.

10. Mole rats like cloudy days.

11. The minute you start to do laundry it will turn grey and rainy even if you start on a sunny, sunny day.

12. A good guide is worth his weight in gold – a GREAT guide is priceless! Thank you Muzeyen and Musti!!

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