New Website!

Welcome to the new Ethiopian Wolf Project website. Please bear with us while we get everything tidied up!

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  1. nabangkur says:

    Its great to hear such a project. All the best to all of you.

    can you tell me how to get associated to such type of projects? I am an amateur photographer. thanks in advance.



    • Hi Nabangkur,

      Welcome to the project and thank you for your support!

      I think everyone has a different path to getting involved in conservation photography. I started small and local, working with a local birding research charity that needed images for their publications and research department. I learned how to work around researchers without getting in the way and they received the images as a donation so it was a win for both of us.

      Searching out communities of photographers will help as well. Will and I were introduced through a group of photographers on Twitter.

      Most importantly, get involved with something you are passionate about and let that passion fuel your creativity!
      Best wishes,

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